This week in Linux Cabal…. Look at me, I can code!!!

So yesterday at Linux Cabal I had the chance to talk about and the work I have been doing on a software that is able to generate the documentation for all the accounts. This is the code I have been constantly blogging, the interesting thing is that I got the chance to give a tour through the thought process on how to evolutionary escalate the code and get the information needed.I was able to explain the basic scripts and evolutionarily get more and more complex code and finally be able to get a better more user friendly way to get this documentation set in place.Away from that I was able to get OOo development in the community and make it not to be as hard and also up the geek rep of OOo in the community for development. In the end everyone was pleased by the talk despite the few glitches regarding the small font size of the code.I also spent some time talking about Linux Cabal marketing strategy to get LC to the next level and also make more efficient marketing of LC. Develop a complete group of material inviting people to Linux Cabal and get a collection of image and message mixed into an environment. With all these elements we can get some more organize strategy on getting people in the door.