Rant on OOo’s Community and openness


I agree with Davide’s post, I also heard comments on the same train of thought from other members of the community. For example everyone know that IBM join the OOo but also BrOO did also to a major extend. Yet they were not there, Koper was a similar fashion when Intel was up there as part of the community. However where is Intel now??On the other hand I do agree that we should play to the crowd and I am really not picky about who represent us on a wood table. I am more concerned on knowing who make the decisions that OOo feature list would be?The community council failed miserably to respond the question on becoming more transparent on exposing their decision making process. Not sure if there was some lost on translation but I asked what they should be doing and they answer by saying what they usually do and not saying if they plan to change or not.Yes, I wont be surprised if Extensions become the actual heart of the community just like new companies like Multiracio, Indesko, etc. Sems to have easier development access and cost since extensions don’t need to be approved on the code tree and also allow more tools to extend the core without dealing the barriers that it involve. I can see smaller companies building development frameworks to allow OOo’s Web 2.0 revolution interactivity. Also the other development platform would be on ODF rather than OOo because ODF parsing and manipulation is growing without needing to get approved to build new tools on top of other parsers on a faster way than OOo could approve a new project and foster the development to get them up to the level of the current Web 2.0 websites.Is not very difficult to find a branch in Drupal but it will take months before finding a specific branch in the OOo source code at least in my experience and the whole qa process might take many more months. Just to reference the python uno bridge update that was submited by Liyuan by the 24 of January. And there is still no changes.Localization is another example where Pavel implement the fixes that Sun is unable to coupe with. However this is the nature of the beast specially when we talk about huge projects like OOo and the learning curve is very high. There is no easy documentation to jump in compared with other projects like Gnome where they have multiple tutorials on develop with GTK while the amount of documentation to develop with VCL is hardly existent.One comment that was mentioned during the closing talk was the limited amount of people that hold the keys to development So doing what Google summer of code would be impossible because the developer community as it is is too limited to take on India/China.This is basically expose the highly concentrated of people in OOo that can only have an impact in the community.