Back from Europe

So is Tuesday and just a few hours before my work start again. I just wanna say that this ‘break’ was very helpful in so many levels. And I wish I can keep it that way in the near future. I really enjoy the time I spent with my friend Victor who I haven’t seen him in a long time. Is interesting how life change and now he is the adult and I am still the blunt adolecent.I spent a lot of things for myself, I didnt even think aobut it and after all that spending i come to realize it wasn’t that much anyway. I got some new G-Unit pants and some shoes. I dunno if I am having a md-youth crisis but I want to get back that hip hop cloth which was my brand garnment back when I was in college. Even if I really miss my gf, I am so grateful for being single and living on my own. I wouldn’t stand someone trying to change me.