OOoCon2007 – Day 0

It’s the middle of the night here in Barcelona and before further waiting for day 1 (2nd day of my stance). I had to blog something.Today was a busy day no doubt with many old faces back again in the mix while some old nicks just got new faces. These never seems to stop amazing me on these kind of events.So let’s get started, first of all let’s start with the meetings. The meeting started pretty laid back with people joining the room gradually until the room was full. Once we got going people were a bit shy to talk. Charles and Rafaella did most of the talking at the beginning giving a status as NLC and 10ln did in the past year.The NLC meeting was followed by the MarCons or Marketing Contact meetings and a lot of good ammount of rants were produced on this meeting. Finally the NLC party was a very good and important event for all of us where we got the chance to eat some good real food and interact with many people of the community. I finally got the chance to meet long time OOoES community members such as Ismael Fanlo and Falcaraz which are very active in the community.I also talked with Rafaella Braconi and other developers such as Rob Weir and Leif Lodahi were very helpful to talk about the different issues involving OOXML and it’s implementation. After the NLC party we both went on to a pub which was quite fun and I have the chance to talk more with other community members as well as the Kiberpipa guys. We talk about business in FLOSS and how to achieve it around OOo. I gave many examples including having an environment where we can make a stronger point on migrating OOo by covering it with more tools like, a student / teacher book and also a better strategy than just pointing them out to the website. I had to leave early since I needed to get back to the hotel before it was too late for my train to depart. I left at 10:15 which was enough time since it seems trains run until midnight. I finally got home and got enough time to prepare for tomorrow.