Just got a webcam

Hey people I just got a webcam and since everyone know, peripherals are a tricky thing on linux. Yes there are, but you can’t just buy the first one you find.So first what I did was looking for a software that will use it. I found a couple of them, first is Ekiga previously known as GnomeMeeting and is the classical video conferencing tool on the Gnome Desktop.Second is the  openWengo project which also support video conferencing. Is a shame that neither Gizmo or Skype has support for webcams yet.Second I look at the driver that it uses on the Ekiga Wiki page. I went to the page of the driver, this driver needed to be pretty standard and start going on the project page and get more information and installation process. This gave me the level of compatibility which was 5 star.I went on cross-searching on Mercado libre which is the e-bay like environment for buyers and sellers. Finally after some deep searching I decided on this webcam. So far I just ordered so I am still need to verify it.