Pidgin the single most used app


So when it comes to which application I have on all the time, is not the browser or the mp3 player but the Instant Messenger using Pidgin/Gaim.Since most of my computing time goes to the messenger the question is, why there is no more integration. Most of the files are transfered by email which is less than desirable. However there is nothing wrong with the other part which is the file transfer in IM. However there is a problem since this file transfer is more often than not broken under Gaim.This is a big issue since yes, you want just to talk to people but most time you transfer files in that exchange. So having Pidgin re-enforce the file transfer on all the protocols is a strong plus for the Linux Desktop.Another thing that pidgin could develop is an integration with other applications. Pidgin currently has many plug ins are already in pidgin, I can search it to a trac page for the PluginPack. One of the best plug ins I have seen or at least the one I like the most is GPG keys for secure chat connections. The famous guification plug in to tell you when you get a message, and the plug ins I am talking about which are the integration plugins like integration to XMMS and XChat, however I would love to see a more standardize way to make plug ins against applications. So far we have pygtk plugins at the gnome level using gnome-applets, xchat2-gnome, epiphany, and other applications have this. However other big applications like Evolution doesn’t have this framework to work upon.Question here comes with other things like, would this make my application slower and more memory hungry? I hope not.