Linux Cabal talk on GIMP

So today it was my turn on give the technical talk about the graphic tool The GIMP. This tool is one of the most controversial out there. As opposed to Microsoft Office and, GIMP and Photoshop go on very different paths in things like the UI. But as we later learned is the actual Filters that represent one of the biggest problems to the designers.GIMP is more a mental and attitude issue than a technical issue. We came to the conclusion that the lack of understanding of the Filters in GIMP is what will break the work flow of many designers. The work flow is very important for them since they build their collection of techniques through books and courses about the application. However the lack of really understatement of real design and be so platform dependent makes them become too specific and really stall their development as true designers.In the end I dedicate myself to explain GIMP specialties, what is good for and some techniques on using them. The difference between bitmaps and vector graphics. Description of GIMP main tools and menu options, keyboard shortcuts configuration and other additional setups.I did 3 samples:

  • Clearing red eyes
  • Improving dark images on low light
  • Healing people’s imperfections like zits and marks on skin

In the end the people around didn’t seem the most appropriate audience since nobody really used Photoshop but they learned a lot using Gimp.I also give them some interesting links to visit like: