GF No more

So after 3 years of really second to non relationship with almost a year exception we finally come to an end. My girlfriend, Irina Andrea Iosub, broke up wtih me.Shocked? Mos def…As opposed to her,I was really into her, the news caught me completely off guard. I thought that it was just a down period but later shemake sure it was over. Over over over for good.Painful? Like no anestesiaSo this is my first real meaningful break up in my life. So I guess is meant to be hard. The problem is how to bounce back and also ask if a new relationship is really worth it. For better or worst this was a LD realtionship which means there was no relationship on daily bases. What I mean is that taking the sex-hunger aside, do I really wan to have someone else in my life? I am not sure. I actually think I am just more used to be by myself.Also a taste of no attachments start growing on me thru the day in the sense that I dont have to be there for her checking emails and IMthat means that I now am able to focus on other things. But now I am feeling an unvelievable feeling of just getting on the next place out of this country. I guess I didn’t learn my lesson on LD.Well to be honest, I don’t think this was an LD situation, since we lasted so long on LD that it was really not a matter of being appart morethan a matter of not being in touch. We had survive not being together before. But we haven’t been so disconnected from each other.I hope we can talk soon anyway, I realize that even if we move on a next stage we keep at least touch of each other. Right now I have so much media of what happened so far that I just don’t want to let go off copletely. She is also an amazing person to just leave.Good bye Irina, baby, you’ll be missed.