Moving out

Yesterday I move out of the tiny room into a bigger apartment. So back again I have a kitchen at last as well as much more needed space. I am only concern on eating more now that I have stuff to cook with. I hope to keep everything under control. Hope I can get rid of the excess junk I have, I only notice it when I am moving. Oh well. Anyone wants a bed?


Working out

Last week I join a local gym and I have had 2 day workout since then. Most of my focus has been not in lifting weight but in doing cardiovascular exercises. My goal is to get back in shape and be able to build up stamina and endurance. Basically I want to get to a point where I can get enough stamina to follow to the next level of exercises which is the focus on fat burning. I plan to assist to the abdominal classes that this gym has at 9pm. I also been tempted on buying those fat burning waist band to burn fat after the workout so the heat and sweat carry on beyond the hour of gym. However I am naturally skeptic about all these commercials with cream to loose weight.I have been in the task at the moment to research on the internet on better ways to workout with the hardware at the gym. I know there are a couple of instructors but I will rather do the research myself. At the same time I think that this program will also be complimented with a diet. So I am giving up the meat for a week, sure I think there might be risk of doing a 180 on my eating and exercise habits and might go cold turkey but I am aware of the risk and I would go back if I think there is something wrong.Funny is that most of the people I tell that I am quiting meat is almost as serious as if I say I am gay or something like that. They turn pale and immediately try to convince me otherwise. Cmon guys is only a week and is funny how nobody say anything when I go to the restaurant of JUST meat.During my workout one thing that I found funny is that the first day the machine had a goal for me to maintain my heart rate at 120HR which was really hard since I was around 160. The next day the machine gave me the heart rate of 150 HR. Which was pretty impressive since that’s a big rise. This was easier for me and I could get it in no time.  However realizing the difference between cardiovascular exercise and fat burning exercise is something that have intrigue me and want to do more research.So moving on, I hope this following week to return good news from my weight and heart rate.

Horrible week

This week was very tough all the way to the end. Not only did I feel a bit insecure on my skills to preserve data, also I make stupid mistakes such as storing my backup on a Fat32 hard drive with a 4GB cap that corrupt my backups.Away from that I also got issues with my management and co-workers since I think I got a large amount of mess up. From an accumulated frustration on OPAS to also a couple of calls both on the ability to coup with problems to the ability of  solve them as they come. Today my manager woke me up about a ticket regarding an issue that wasn’t even for our team but caused havoc since I didn’t respond on time.Also the lack of detail enough request create a lag on the solution of another ticket that was important to solve before the month’s end. This also caused issues since I wasn’t able to respond with the right solutions.