This saturday at Linux Cabal

So this saturday @ Linux Cabal we had an interesting discussion on the line of Enciclomedia, interesting enough one of the guys was personally involved with the project. He was doing the installation of the hardware and even more interesting the company handling that was the same company I was running in with them.To add to the  a more interesting note we also talk about e-Mexico and the CCD or Digital Community Centers which was another lousy project from the Mexican Government. A good point that was mentioned during the discussion was about how can you say a government is lousy when you can’t compare it to other governments. So I point out at the other government projects in Spain and Brasil and to compare them against them.Finally we also talk about why the technology on Enciclomedia was good but wasn’t worth the price.After this discussion we had a talk about the new event that a local university is doing for the push offree software and open source. This is a great project since they seem to be improving on many aspectsof course this is to be expected since they haven’t even started. We’ll see how it comes out.Today was really good and I hope everything comes out good.