TLLTS with your host…. me :)

So today I was the host of The Linux Link Tech Show, one of the premier Linux podcasts and the longest one running on the web. The show was hosted by Tsuroerusu and me. I was able to give a talk about and the integration with Aqua on OSX. The improvements done on the charting modules and the soon to be released 2.2.1 version with some improvements. I was also able to talk on other different topics like the future of the toolkits specially Qt4, KDE, Qt and Linux on cellphones.

There was a big debate on GPLv3 and Free software vs. Open source people and why some people (linc) hate freedom. Finally we start talking on different topics regarding whats hot out right now, a big of rant on Apple, OSX, free software and education and the mainstream of developers versus the open source developers. I got a big rant on free software on education and even reference the big Mexican failure such as Enciclomedia and the OLPC. I couldn’t mention anything on the Classmate PC and also the surge of $100 dls mini PC and the future for ourself now that we manage home networks as opposed to just 1 desktop.I reference to a lot of links from and the cool stuff that has been coming from the CELF, the Consortium for embedded Linux. There are a lot of talks and presentations there, it was pretty bad that I couldn’t get the actual audio talk so people can listen to the future of Linux on cellphones.