Personal blog updated to WP 2.2

So I recently upgrade my blog to WordPress 2.2, which was recently announced at the WordPress original website. The upgrade process was simple however I had some order issues. It was considerebly faster from the last time however the workflow that I do to upgrade is still not perfect.First remember that I have SSH setup and I don’t have an FTP server. At least not one that is configured and currently running. One example was the use of of having a directory outside of the root of wordpress this gave me a lot of hassles when using the command line.The order I had was creating a folder next to the wordpress folder. The samples used a folder within the wordpress folder. This made the process go slower since I now hoad to play with the paths when moving the configuration files back to the new version folder.I think that creating a personal script that will do the backup as well as other things like extacting the files needed after the backup is done without having to backup all the files.Maybe is a chance to prove my Bash skills or even better a good Python project.