Birthday emergency

Bah no matter with how much anticipation you have, things might not run as perfect as you plan. This is what happened this week with my girlfriend birthday. Is funny, I really wanted my gf to know that I was present on her birthday, so I got prepared and got her presents almost a month after. Then I also put her date just in case on my calendar —- all my callendars. I got her on my presonal email calendar, to my phone calendar, and well pretty much all over the place. I also talk with her a day yesterday and was so excited that I congratulate her being that is not the day yet. Finally that night I wanted to call her but it was way too early, just 5:00am in Bulgaria. Then I start getting issues with my internet, having satelite internet it becomes really unstable when it rains and the internet might be fast one minute and death the next. This caused me to halt all my internet activities, and with nothing else on the menu and being midnight already at my place I started falling alseep and basically just woke up at 6am in the morning. I woke up and saw that my gf has been on for a couple of hours but she didnt msg me at all. Then I came in early to work and she comes online, just before that I recieve an email from the guy from germany saying that my gifts will take about 3 weeks to get there. I was pissed off and start telling my gf, all she could say is…. you can’t even say happy birthday. Now I wanted to say happy birthday but when I was talking to her, she wasn’t repliying so I guess she was out. Would it make sense to say happy birthday to a bot?Long story short I got into troubles because of that and she didn’t talk to me from then on to today. One day has passed and I still haven’t been able to wish her happy birthday and even if I have tried to call her constantly I dunno if she is just not willing to talk to me at all. If the latter case is whats going on is kind of stupid since well it was stil her birthday and why would she wanna be mad at me like that on that day?