Arjuna Thoughts: Episode 11 – Drugs

There are not that many disieses that require all this drugs.

Actually the way I remember this dialogs was that there is really not that many drugs in this world. But the most impacting thing is that the surge of drugs was caused out of industrial waste. The chemicals once made for biowars was now used in small dosis for human consumption.

This statement might be shoking for some people it might be tolerated, really drugs all they are are chemical fusions just like bioarms industrial components and everything this world is really functioning on fuel combustion.

Gasoline is a petroleum-derived liquid mixture consisting primarily of hydrocarbons and enhanced with benzenes to increase octane ratings, used as fuel in internal combustion engines acording to Wikipedia.

So this world is really made of our own wastes, yet we still waste much more. I really hope humans were as efficient as surviving on their own waste, that means the recycling programs were a success. Unfortunately this is not the waste that will improve our development. As more synthetic medicine, and synthetic food (genetic food), and products are slowly starting to cause new disieses and new viruses that are having a toll on humanity.

HIV is an example of a modern day virus that has hit and take a big toll on human development. Bioengineering is now becoming more powerful and this will expose us to a whole new level of development, vaccines and also viruses that the humans most endure. Nanotechnology waste might be even a bigger threat than chemical waste. The question is how much is this waste will impact not just humanity but the earth itself.

This post really makes no conclusions and instead wonder on more doubts than solutions to the problem of drugs and chemicals in our world.. Living at one point in Eastern Europe and with people recent memories of the Chernobil disaster and really the fear of the unknown. What part of the radiation is on their bodies, what will be the new effects of this radiation on their childrens. Drugs don’t need to kill humans to affect them, remember the mad cow disease and the bird flu.

Episode 11