Some updates

Wow so Christian Driga is now the marketing co-lead. Interesting, afer having Jackenlin missing for some time I guess it was the time for a new co-lead. I do welcome the change with open arm specially from a point of view that Cristian is comming from the art project which will have a big impact on the way the community present itself.

In OOo you have to do your merits and Christian has done it succesfully. Christian on the other hand is a busy guy and my only concern is that his lawyer dutties might keep him out of the demanding position for lorg periods.

Away from that is good that it is a co-lead. At that same train of thought I have been asking myself if I should be the overal leader of the community as opposed of a co-lead since Richard has been very busy and he still get a lot of emails being original leader of the community. The irony here is that the co-lead after him was Williams which now is the guy who is working on writting the OOo book and we are constant collaboration.

Is good to have an abundance of leadership, I guess. I do wish we have more people becoming role models within the community. I have seen that this new stage of the game, some developers need to step forward. We need XML gurus and Python/C++ mavericks.

We also need new ideas on how to develop the webservices and modify OOo to be a web platform that can connect, retrieve and manage information to be able to work frm a centralized place.

While much of the mailing list cry for an email client, I think we should be thinking on how to integrate with them as opposed to develop one of our own.

Having the DCOPS for the Mozilla framework might bring some exciting stuff in the future. But until this integration takes place we can look on other open-frameworks such as Horde email client which is widely used on the ISP as well as other web apps that can maanage RPC and could authenticat and send email without even opening the aplication (sending a XML stream).

Again, I will need more XML knowledge to confirm this possibility and also more developers excited in the project to contribute. until then we got an exciting view on whats comming.