Do or Die

Be careful on what you wish for cuz u might just get

Today we had a serious talk on what could be the single most profound
comitment that will affect the rest of my life.The first real life
responsability to take on a young person under my wing and make her my
partner lover and roomate for at least 3 years.
Not only that but also move to a new region, new job, and new lfetime.
Making the sacrifize of asingle life, the choice of independent and
the rush to drive my life.
This might be the single biggest sacrifise I hav ever done for
someone. On the other side she might even do also do a bigger
one.Giving her age and get ready to step up and get a new life in a nw
country with a complete different culture, language, religion, and
spanish classes and assignments. This is a hugely tough environment,
very demanding and might be a bigger tougher life.
So far we’ll looking forward and keep wishing about finally being
together. We are nervous and hope we can finally get the chance to
kiss and hugh each other.