This is REAL hip hop muthaf**ka

When the emcees came to live out the game, and to perform…

That was the sound of the time when the true emcee was on top things on the rap game, way before bling bling, playa playa and all that soft, fantasy life.

The time where the streets were literally was carring the lyrics on their walls and the tube was just a notebook of an era.

You can read our history sprayed on the concrete tunnel

After so long I see coming back to his trone with the magic and the technique of a hip hop veteran laying down the powerful lyrics, from a more artistic era.



In a sentimental mood

God today was a sentimental day, the way it went from the second I open up my eyes till it was way late into the night. I went from sadness to pain, to frustration to sadness and love and desperation and frustration again.

The most frustrating part is the path we have ahead it seems like we can’t see the end of the path and is so easy just to drift away and well try to be happy living without each other. Is a decision I need to make, I guess is the ultimate test. Can I wait that long, can I just be happy without her? Do I want to be misserable until I see her again.

I can see clearly that I am feeling misserable hoping to see her and that no happiness is true happiness wtihout her. So my point is should I conform with this state of mind? Do I have alternatives. Can I move on? What would i loose if I do?

All this doubts, feelings and awareness is basically what give me back to the question, can she be the one that can pull this off. Being a relationship I guess I have no power over the other person. And she faces the same questions, plus she has a whole liife infront of her while me, well I do to but at the same time I already live a lot like this and move on a lot before.

The fear of loosing her if she decided to choose to move on will hurt me, but i guess I will survive. But the feeling of waiting for her and then she changing her mind is even more scary since well.. I guess I dont want to put myself in that position.

All in all the way I felt those doubts today were actually afecting me really bad, extasy and grief combine and at the same time I realize how unpowerful I am to just fix things. I cnat fix eveyrthing and at the same time I can screw everything so easily.

I guess the answer I can find is love, no reason, no logic, no hope but just love and yeah faith too. If I can just have faith in love I guess love will find a way and we will find a way. Is hard cuz like many people will say, there is no right or wrong in love. Moving on is not a crime, even if it feels for the other, but also true love is hard to move on, even when u think u did, it will come back and hit u like a huricane wind.

Let our hands hold on and resist time.

A Web-aware Office suite

Lately I have been listening to a lot of this Web 2.0 wave as the new rich internet applications generate a modularized information transport the static front into a dynamic one. This makes websites get into behaving more like desktop applications, at the same time, desktop applications have the potential to become more web-awrare. The veins of the back end is XML-RPC/SOAP and similar transmissions that connect to the different datasources.

The Office space can benefit for this quick exchange of information and become more web-aware. I define web-aware as an application that extend their normal pre-design options to be extendable through web-resources without being completely dependant. An example could be the Impress templates where you have 2 or 3 sample templates + the ones you generate, a 3rd one will be an option that resides on the net like OpenTemplates which you can access directly from your OOo interface and retrieve the latest templates.

Here are some mockups of a web-aware suite:

  • Cliparts
  • Templates
  • Extensions

Others can be:

  • Dictionaries & Thesaurus
  • Palettes

Other technologist like Miguel de Icaza recently is pushing Gnome# to be a more aware web. KDE is already being web-aware with Wallpapers and Jukebox apps like Amarok.

OOo to a degree is web aware with search engines connecting to google, Laurent Dictionary installer, OOoWikipedia, and caloan’s OOoBlogger extensions.

Whats next?? True exchange of information will be when OpenDocument can be seamlesly interchangable between the web and the office suite. A writable web where each HTML page chan be download modified and saved back to the web (similarly to a wiki but with a more rich GUI/Framework). Where the information of your OpenDocument can be tagged, search, recorded and query using XML technology like SPARQL, XQuery, XForms and XML-Signature.

Video Tutorials, OpenDocuments and future of OOo is a powerful application, yet opendocument is aiming to be a standard it should be on not so powerful applications to be a true standard. Mozilla Firefox might hide the key to mak OpenDocuments the true standard, not because FF is not powerful but because FF is greatly deployed and when web 2.0 meets OpenDocuments we can start aiming a new era where information from office documents meet the web ambiance.

A new area of business might be a three level tier service, when you integrate HTML-XML-OpenDocuments and start making a three level service (blog, cms, webservices). When you make your on your desktop, text editors generating opendocuments, and finally a fast transformers that make OpenDocument Webpages.

Browsing the web on opendocuments might be a hassle but making the web writable might be a cool thing to have. Is hard to explain yet this conceptual web but merging the deployments of rich internet applications, desktop applications with web-services and Opendocuments interacting with the services.

On other news I have been doing some video-tutorails which have proven to be well accepted in the community. Some even have been able to jump into this video tutorial train and as I see more and more people getting interesting in using this medium to solve problems and also explain the use of

Finally the List

Finally we got to do THE LIST. Maaan this list we make it in our minds since I left, the list will contain all the things we want to do when we meet again. For some reason I forgot about most things of the list, or maybe they weren’t that many but I am sure that when you thought you are done, is when all the rest of ideas start to show up.

Well the good thing is that at last I got the list up in some page within live journal. Now I can just think about what new things we really gotta do and we will do. Now that I have a certainty that I will see her again and talk to her again, I will be able to finally acomplish our list.

Lagging on Episode 10

So the OOoCAST has hit a break, almost officially stoping, basically laizyness has been the reason. I have been involved in other things like the video tutorials and also with actual real work.

I think I will launch a series of OOoCASTs so I assure that I will be delivering more on time. Yet it also look a lil bit demotivating that I am not getting as much hits as before. I hope I can get more people excited about the idea of delivering a great podcast.

Looking for hope

Lately the question if I’ll ever see my gf again, gets everymore close and substantial. As I go to my next destination I am phiscally getting farther from her but my biggest fear is if I will also get farther spiritually. I hope not. But I can’t stop to think of the likeness of that.

In a desperate attempt I have been talking with her more and more until I finally settle things on a mater plan that can bring her next to me sooner that I had ever thought.

With her comming as soon as this summer, I can’t feel more happy and knowing that I could be able to show her everywhere I got to offer and also thinking about the next big thing I could do.

Thinking about going in a two person trip around the country sounds so fun that I can’t even just start to imagine all the things we could be able to do.

This is the ray of hope I was looking for months and now I got a solid rock on which I can hold on and endure the months laying ahead.

Mounting Neptune

Neptune is our Windows Server here at IRL Computers/INGOTs and today I gave myself to the task of, sliming down my laptop, and fixing the samba mounting process.

The issue was simple, I can’t get to mount any filesystem because lack of authentication.

Then I launch the GUI mounting process from the commandline and got a report about why the mounting process is failing.

cli_negprot: SMB signing is mandatory and we have disabled it.
15201: protocol negotiation failed
SMB connection failed

Then I came to this pete guy blog that showed me the same problem and how he discover cifs. And how by doing.

mount -t cifs -o username=user,password=pass, //NEPTUNE/Homes /mnt/Neptune

I could finally mount Neptune, now I need to do the same for the rest.

CIFS is a: Advanced Common Internet File System for Linux

The CIFS VFS is a virtual file system for Linux to allow access to servers and storage appliances compliant with the SNIA CIFS Specification version 1.0 or later.

Ideas for Episode 9

OOoCAST might be sooner this week since there seem to be more news available. Since I dont want this ideas to get lost in the weekend. I should make a list about the stuff that happened this week:

  • Interview with Aridane from Sun’s Translation League
  • Issues on the OpenDocument XML
  • Interest on the libodt project
  • Contact with the ‘movers’ from Spain
  • Promoting in FLISOL
  • Klick project and
  • Difference between MSO and OOo
  • Reaching the universities as a ground foundation

Most of the people has been lacking on their marketing efforts. I have had a more forward approach but I will start changing my tune. Now I am going to be proactive, that means that I will only informs things I will do not things I want to be done. I will start contacting with Leo Laporte and other Podcasters and start giving interviews about the community about

Specializing on engineering the market

As technology politics start rising I am realizing on a ‘political campaing’ looking for… voters. Technology sometimes is about the product and the appeal but most of the time is about politics. Getting exposure, acceptance and word of mouth scheme.

So delivering this infraestructure where an organization with the correct balance and PR take up on a technology has the muscle to push it world wide.

I’ve had this feeling for a while, specially when I see AJAX being somehow of a DHTML 2.0. A lot of AJAX people are achieving what Flash has achieved all this time, the difference is that google catch it. But… does google really catch it?

Google was a killer to the flash uptake, standard peoples went to Javascript to empower it so that it gets mainstream acceptance. However, the issue of making it mainstream among developers has been taken by happy websites putting wrapping and frameworks on top of them.

This has been the case of Ruby on Rails, Scriptaculous, Dojo etc.

The opportunity for a company that has the resources necesarrry to populate the internet with content that drives the necesarry mass of people to buy into the product. Where the value is NOT the actual content (product) but medium (websites, mouth-to-mouth), relations with bloggers, IT personality and journals.

Interesting having an eye on the development of this shift in a political tech-sphere.