OpenDocument future in Mexico

The explsion of and OpenDocuments in Mexico might come sooner than expected. After the meeting with IBM we are sharing and building strategies of synergy that will put a brand new solution on the market.

The shift from product based solutions to information based solutions might be the key organism to move and OpenDocuments to the next level of competition.

IBM unfortunately doesn’t have the expertise to provide this shift in Mexico however a good labor of corporate awareness might sprung more companies from Mexico or all over the world to provide solutions to the Mexican companies and governments. Unfortunately Mexico sometimes feel like a left wing economy and the 3 million companies in Mexico are just not up to the level of purchasing power.

Still it was interesting to learn that Telmex is now the official largest Linux client in Mexico.

After the long meeting in a really nice locaton (Marriott Hotel private business offices) we finish the session with a new air of finally opportunity to not just push but become a player in a higher level of deployment.

Soon OpenDocuments might be in the back of the minds of most of the decisions makers around the country.

Next stop is Linux World Expo in Mexico and CIO CEOs and decision makers might actually have the next chance of ‘getting it’ with Linux and Open Source.