Cellphones in Mexico

Cellphones is the most rapidly spread technology out there, however diversity in mexico has drop. I left mexico with the hope that the market was opening to new providers. However comming back to Mexico I see that most competitors have left the playground to the cellphone monopoly. Both iusacell and movistar are struggling against telcel. Funny enough their service is the worst most expensive out there. The lack of standard support, vendor lockin and dismisal of trends like the internet sounds way too similar to our PC monopoly under M$.

So how this affects me? Well is completely impossible to get my cellphone activated. Movistar has completely been removed from the malls and spaces and most employees don’t know anything about their services.

This is a huge struggle and really a bad service which might be one of the points why the carriers have been defeated completely from the city. Coverage is also another of the concerns however I dont think coverage is that bad when people dont leave the city. Interesting seen how this things develop over time.