Being a Mentor

So about a year ago I was being a trainee in some company in the middle of europe. Now I will be the mentor trainning this couple of high school students in our neighborhood.

The trainees seem quite alright, I think they get bored to soon, but I guess thats normal since I didnt got anything prepared for them. Anyway so far they did a great job and I think they will be enjoying their time here.

Plus we went through a lot of material today, we did some computer building, also OS building and finally some presentation and templates. I do think they could have done more on the presentation (they just did 3 slides) but I guess it was good enough.

At the end of the day I think they will get their INGOT batch and we will be able to do have a great example of not just the power of INGOTs trainning but also about the hability of adoption of Open Soruce.

This kids easily installed and browse throught the Linux OS with no previous experience.