The no easy answer

Lately I have been haunted and somehow pressured by my girl, the dawnting question with no easy answer. When will be able to meet again? This question is present with me 24/7. My life is great, yet I really feel is incomplete, I have builted so attached to her that now my feelings are somehow lost.

I concentrate on work and yeah, I am getting mayor breakthroughs but…but… Why I am so glad that I am here yet I am desperately wishing i was somewhere else.

I wish I was with my gf yet I dont want to go back, I need to keep moving on. But there is just things I’ll rather keep, my memories, my feelings, my love.

Somehow I wonder if I will ever meet her, I tend to think that is a no brainner and that I will meet her. However I keep asking myself when, and that is the million dollar question, when will I see her face again, and when will I be able to tell her how much I love her, directly to her face.

Next time I will be in Spain, next time in Japan, then in new york and the world will keep moving on, and me with in. But my feelings will always remain in one place and in one person. This hurt, but this is the pain of not letting go, and not letting go is the prove that will make my life balance out. Yes life is good, and life sucks, and I love life and I hate life and tomorrow I will be able to come back to where it all begin and finally be able to touch her.