Architecting a mature community

As a leader, you are expected to innovate, nobody will expect to do things on his own and many look at you. Unfortunately this also reduce the flexibility of any organization. No matter how much the leader emphasize on a flat organization, everyone think he is the one with the last word.

The open culture seems to be hard to manifest for people who doesn’t understand that the community is builted by the people in it. With sub-leaders they are usually percieved as second to the actual leaders.

However enough with the ranting, the topic itself is about how can we get this open culture and moularization happened.

About a year ago, I’ve tried to bring some of the most competent members to the table. Interestingly enough they shy away once they were on the spotlight. This seems to be very sensitive situations when a leader is pushing his generals to the front line, the stress level rises and sometiems they just ran and hide right behind the leader.

This maybe didn’t happened but just felt that way. So a new way to make the move to a more flat organizations new techniques need to be addressed.

Right now I thik I will spread thin with new activities, from coding workgroups, to monthly meetings on IRC and Podcasting.

This will make the group participate more and improve communication, then hopefully they will be more keen into actually participating and taking leadership.

It is a gamble but I believe the community should step up more in the game and take control of the OOo brand and product.