Streets dreams fading out

Is pretty late, 4:00am in the morning is nothing nice when you woking extra hours to tweak your system. I also listening to some podcasting until I actually found out what I have download that day.

As I found the track street dreams by nas and r.kelly. All of a sudden… puff… flashbacks started comming to my mind…. philly on my mind when I used to listen to that song.

Is interesting reflecting it has been a while, still listening to the same artists for a while. Nasir escobar, to the R, I have been listening to this niggaz for a while now and still not tired to listening to them. Not even that but I also get the actual message of being cold in philadelphia, walking through venango and G-Town. Black girls looking at me, giving me the eyes that say something more than an innocent smile. Being 17 and having live street dreams as I walk by the snow getting to my crib and listening to high boombox across my ears and then I was on my bed imagining about havnig golden chain and phat booty girls.

Back at the school everything was cool, sex was alright, everyone got their own thing going on. Didn’t really expect much except triying to get that money. Nas and R and Biggie and Pac, even Boyz II Men was on my black 5 dls. T-Shirts, I got my blue camouflage as I got the red chicago bulls sweater and play basketball with ice on the concrete floor. I swear you can feel god when I tried to steal that ball. Cold as hell through the philly cloudy sky.


Definetly street dreams look like a far cry from right now, being in the suburbs so many miles and year away from those days. Still I feel it so close as I hear that Sweet Dreams track.