No talk with my gf

After the brilliant day yesterday there were some stuff I didn’t like tht much. The main one being that I couldn’t talked to irina.

It was messed up because since I want to wire my room, I missed her skype call. By the time I wanted to talk to her she was busy and then she got disconnected without a chance to come back.

So I called her late night and I could actually get in touch with her but of course was through regular line light and I couldnt talk to her so much. I really wish we could get some talking tomorrow.

Away from that, my toe still in badly shape, I finally went to the doctor just to realize that the toe was even more messed up that what I originally thought. I went to the chiropodist with no luck and had to send me back for another session of sensless pain on Monday, however I think I wont make it since I will be going to OOoCon and I think I should be in top shape.