PyXray Works

Today I have a great day for development and also a crappy day for development. The good thing is that I got my INGOT site pretty advanced. The bad thing is that my mandrake laptop is giving me drama by taking ages to boot. It seems there are some problems with some modules.

Another great thing is that I got PyXray to run. This is great news even if you don’t even know what is is.

PyXray is a program to ease the use of learning the UNO API from, This are great news specially when you are triying to become more knowledgable about Python and other tools.

For a substantial amount of time, I have wanted to become a more serious developer. I know a lot of really great hackers and I think the logical step will be for me to become one.

So no more waits, please admire my PyXray.


PyXray is a program to work as JavaDoc and get the UNO interface better understood.