I love you forever

Well today I finally got the chance to talk with my girlfriend which was like fresh air. Lately we have been busy with misc stuff and havent been able to talk. Even thought we love each other like craizy, we haven’t been able to be on line at the same time.

This was finally finished today, where I called her, and she quickly answer my call by getting online. Few hours later we were really into talking and kissing each other. Well we didn’t actually kiss but we were definetly feeling each other. After many laughs and missing and just talking about everything we really have a great time together. It was nice talking to her… it was also very ironic that all thru the time we had in Romania we never talked so much.

Now we are online we got the chance to talk so well and I felt such at ease with her that I really wanted to just kiss her and make love to her all night.

Is funny but I am liking the fact we are both on line and talking rather than being in bucharest and just not being able tot alkt o her. On the flip side, I really miss her and I think that we really deserve more chance to be together more than what we already have.

I really enjoyed all the pics we took each other, and I really wish we could take this relationship to the next level. We might even be so serious that decided to just stay togehter, even if we are on line. So far I got no reason to look for someone else, even if I have already meet some other girls, it just doesn’t feel like I could care someone else.

Now I will just praise her and enjoy all the hours we got the chance to talk to my baby. I will send her some emails with my recording maybe she will be able to do the same. If not we can always use gizmo.