Driving Through Romania

So my girlfriend has convince me on this new adventure. Why not take a car and drive around Romania?

Well for a country with no highways and a high level of floods this really sound like an adventure. 🙂

But I guess two days doing that — and just that. Would be very fun to see. So I am pulling out the calculator and making the budgets while at the same time I am finally seen the end of the road on my MySQL issues and could finally have a working database to complete my work with INGOTs.


Volunteers needed

It seems that every project needs volunteers and now OpenOffice.org’s real documentation project.. that is OOoAuthors.org.org is getting a new wave of volunteers. Most likely the spanish community is getting a new interest in the OOoAuthors.org.org project which now have a more internationalized look and want to extend their development away from the traditional english language.

OOoAuthors.org is based on Plone which is a great tool for developing content even thought I have some comments about the intuitivity.

I might spend some time reading some of the manuals for the better use of Plone while more and more people start getting into the stage of providing more organized and structured sources of knowledge for OpenOffice.org

Soul of the Machine

A really interesting book who caught my attention while waiting for my gf to get to my apt. This is more a business book than a technology book and I like it. It tells about how important is the brand management, how does small companies turn big and a sense of the constant change business are vulnerable to. It also question yourself about what is the author opinion about business nowadays with FLOSS companies and FLOSS projects and the next encarnation of the industry.

Build to stay vs. Build to sell… that is the question.. Corporate spies and also shareholder pressure build the mood of this book as a classical coorporate enviroment in the US.

I wish I can get to finish this one as it looks very neat…

non tech communities

I wonder if the internet has pick up with most of the other non-technical diciplines out there and if they actually have implemented the openness which some tech communities act.

Later this week I will try to see if I can find groups of doctors or non-computer literate communities like financial advisors, civil engineers, dentists etc.

In search of the Signature

So I remember I have some issues with all this noise and buzz about the Digital Signature. With a recent government sponsor online radio talk show, talking about the FEA (firma electronica avanzada : advanced digital signature), under the direction of PKI. I would like to know what is the relationship with the efforts of OpenOffice.org current implementation of digital signature (also why it doesn’t work).

After searching for a bit I found that OpenOffice.org is working very closely with Aleksey on the integration of XMLsec to the OpenOffice.org signature engine . Finally xmlsec and mscrypto will be integrated into one for the native xmlsec library:

March 30 2005

The new XML Security Library 1.2.8 release merges OpenOffice.org changes to xmlsec-mscrypto and xmlsec-nss into main xmlsec source tree.

I found a good ammount of insight on what is going on with the future of Digital signature in OpenOffice.org development and how a recent patch also caused some interesting discussion and caused a re-planning of the xml template, source.

Special Night

Yesterday was a special night and a milestone in my relationship with my girlfriend… we finally spend a WHOLE night together. 🙂

It was nice having her all night, too bad my snoring didn’t let her sleep. She finally abandoned me and went to the other room.

On the flip side she was really happy that I didn’t let go of her through out the night — too bad is summer and is too hot for that LOL!!! 😀

OOo 1.1.5 and Beta 2

New stuff out of the OOo camp including the first Release Candidate – OpenOffice.org 1.1.5. Which now can read OpenDocuments, however it can’t write them.


We hope the next RC gets them to write too.

The other news is that the developers are commenting on releasing a Beta 2 of the OpenOffice.org suite to the mainstream media.

This will mark a milestone on the advancements of the OOo suite specially on the front end side. I however, mention that there are still plenty of bugs to follow and would move forward to do a compilation of bug reports on the past 2 months.

Got work done

So finally a weekend in Bucharest and in my apartment led me to actually get some work done. I normalized the INGOTs database and now I am moving forward to implement the internationalization engine. I will be discussing some logics with my colleages, hope to get a better idea on this topic.


I found this new hobby, hack the sh@#! out of my cellie. I found some interesting sites that deal with my mobile and I have found cool stuff to download.

First thing I’ve seen is that my cellphone was just about the first ones of this data revolution integrating Bluetooth, Infrared, GSM and GPRS wap enabled, and data transmition device.

obviosly if I want to hack I wanna do it on a Linux machine and I found some niffty tools that are great. I have so far been able to retrieve information in and out of my cellphone, this is rather cool, but nothing compared to the other extension.

Imagine cellphone, infrared connection and software on the lap. You transform your cellie as a remote controller. 😮

And the best remote use that I have found is switching the tunes of my xmms. This makes my xmms basically a jukebox. Pretty nice huh?

Some of the stuff here:

My Firefox Theme