URE announced

Today the UNO framework would be separated from the OOo program. I have thought about this for a while and it sounds exciting. Imagine having office-like application development that share the same API framework. This will be interesting which at the same time we are looking for native widgets and making it look more natural to the enviroment.

So my point of view is how easy will it work with other frameworks such as XUL(XPCOM), COM, CORBA, etc which are other object models that will make the current desktop programming a whole universe of objects and stuff.

This will make it good for developers that have seen binding between languages and objects in stuff such as Mono to generate a interoperative enviroment. The funny thing is that .NET bindings are also the same for UNO bindings with languages such as Perl, C++, Basic, Java, Python etc. So I would go ummm… for some period since UNO seem very obscured and a lot of things have to be discovered.