Webcast and SRC860

After a few days of having the complete OOo source code on my machine I have been able to look at it and see what’s in and what’s out. I most confess I havent really learn even a 10% of the tree structure, and I am looking desperately for some advice on how to read the tree. But for now I have seen some organization on this mass amount of files.

As I coment last week I saw many files from different languages working together on the same branch. I was amaized to see java, perl, cpp, XML and more, combined to generate our beloved OOo.

I have seen some orger in which every folder has a cvs/ some of them even have a res/ folder which holds different amounts of specifications.

One of the folders I really was excited about was the Webcast which is for impress and is dedicated to do some real streaming of presentations. Unfortunately Impress just do Perl and ASP. No PHP nor Python and I think it’s missing on a lot.

By the end of the day I’ve tried to fix some of the icons in the toolbar. They get deformed when a mouse is on top because they tried to go invisible and then you can see some holes actually perforing some of the images and pixelating most of them. However I have no luck and I will apriciate to get some answers on this.