More problems in heaven hell

So this complexity of troubles have combine to tie down and bring down the traineship to a complete hault. Now I am looking forward to see what other things I can do in this continent and if it’s worth it.

With people inviting me to western union and me finding not much in my current state, is it time to move on?

When I first came in, I had the vision of making a difference and even increase my general knowledge of technology. I found not just that but much more. Unfortunately some of that more is not necesary good much. I have found myself fighting uphill battles with work, gf, immigration, roomate and open source.

Yes sometimes I create my own crypt but the combinations of constant fights has weared me down a bit and I think I will soon find my way to a new enviroment.

So the good things out of all this experience, I guess is not to trust too many people and just learn more stuff than the average people. Finding information is tricky business and even if I have computers and communiation right now, I still have stuff to come forward with.