Case of the X

Recently I have been through a lot of struggles since the change of winds did their change. This last struggle however hasn’t been a new one but one always present that I didn’t realized since I was having so much fun. But lately this problem has mount into the other series.

So I got a nice friend, gf, or something, usually things are very nice with her? However, there are just this big dark spots that take place when she gets to this crappy city.

It’s odd to see how pesant people get so excited about the lights. I guess it is exciting, however for one that have lived in cities almost all it’s life, this is well… just that.

With this post I am not triying to hurt the persons that might find themselves in that position, but is just rather about me. I am on a terrible stage of confusion since I haven’t been able to fully understand the way people in this country think. Very primitive I might say, but also very odd in their own way. In the states the rules were set and it was pretty cool. It was a game, it was fun and the motto was, if it feels right, then do it.

However there seem to be here a lot less taboos and a lot more mental walls that has to be broken. Until then I guess I just have to learn to be more pantient and wait. I consider myself demanding but at the end demanding is what I should been, just to take things seriously. I guess that if I wasn’t demanding it will show as if I don’t care. And I think that is what I am not getting at all.

I am a playa who hasn’t play anybody but myself, and is time to change that. I have give too much importance to things that just don’t. At the end of the day, things is all about what you did, not what you feel like doing.