Why is so hard??

So one thing I have seen dealing with mexican groups is that they literaly take ages to make a decision. I am not sure if ages of working on a bureacratic system or just simply not being interested in anything else that whatever is actually affecting them.

But the reality is while the IT cluster have taken 1 1/2 years trying to push the the update of the school teaching scheme. One guy in the UK has made that possible for already 80 places distributed in 8 countries — in just 5 months.

Looking into my archives I start discovering presentations about all these topics that are finally comming to place here. However it seem like it will take ages to acomplish the level of innovation I was presenting a year ago.

The saddest part is that after all this time the education system hasn’t still got it. When we talk about software development we talk about programming and NOT design, nor office/marketing/business skills. I am still wondering how many years will it take to actually make the implementation.