The end of a bad weekend

This week was Baaaad, just as I was feeling the winds change, I now face the wind blowing south. First we got a start with a really big project at work, and like my boss put it out a chunck of bone too big to chew.

So at the middle of the week we saw the project was diying and with that my intervention as a project manager. By the end of the week I was moved to support.

I really wish we could have gotten a better planning of the project but I guess it was just part of the beginning of a streak.

This week was February 14 so I wanted to do something nice for my intimate one. That was the last good thing that happened to a relationship that just die this weekend. Today I just gave the final blow and end up with no girlfriend.

Finally bad news from across the sea as I found out we still havent waved the debth we have with one of our spoke people and after a month almost, my partners hability to solve problems are incredibly limited. I praise him for his boldness in the business world, but not having nor looking for the desired intelligence has driven him into a mexican hell — and me with him.

The OOo community hasn’t shown signs of life lately, as we are submerging on some dark ages of confusion and doubt.

The good thing is that the week is over and after the rain, the sun always rise.