Wiki the world

Well my GAIM MSN connection just stopped working, like if I cared. šŸ˜€
What I do care is about getting more documentation so I can boot my modem on my Mandrake. I just download wvdial and wvstream so I can finally get some internet on my Linux box.

After succesfully compiling about 3 packages I have enjoyed myself more learning about gcc than the actual application which I needed at that time.

Why is this fun, well because as my pains, anguish and joy develops, a wiki is keeping track of all my phases until the final success.

Speaking about the wiki, it is so powerful that it even influence and document not just while I am awake but also while sleeping. Today I dreamed about getting a cracker (not hackers) into my laptop because I was using windows, the logic of the attack was also very realistic. I boot windows and get on line, then I went to my room and when I return a warning message comming from the IM warning me that a user wanted to send me a file.

I didn’t accept it but what really happened was that the contact was putting files and the only near warning from the software was just that warnning. So as I thought the user will give up, he was actively populating my laptop with his junk.

The fun part was the attack he left me, he found my image folder and modify it to a gif animated file so he used my pictures to mock at myself.

I remember I felt pretty frustrated because I knew I could have prevented using linux and activating the shorewall firewall to auto-block my ports.

Well now I am really surfing on a securest way monitoring what comes in and out of my computer and rapidly downloading all the packages I need to jump on line with a secure OS, not this virus-like winbugs.