February.. so far

Well I haven’t update my page recently, I have no idea what to put so I’ll just mention about a compilation of my life in this past week. I got a kickstart at work with some real projects and I am currently under examination. The piece of software is a framework more than a product so the learning curve is very steep. I think our managers are dissapointed because we didn’t coup to learn the product as fast as their expected. Some of the people around the company that we asked specific stuff about the product couldn’t give a similar answer.

2 days ago I went to Piatra Neamt, this is like the 4th time I have gone there but this was the harder so far. I took a train that wouldn’t go direct which make it even harder once I got there. The train went to Bacau and I have to wait for 3 hours in one of the coldest days so far. The frustrating part is that the final destination was just 1 hour away. I could have easily got there on a Maxi Taxi (shuttle), but I couldn’t find the station and for that reason I have to freeze my ass. I couldn’t even find an internet cafe to at least enjoy 2 hours of e-mail checking which was better than getting gipssies triying to sell me stolen jewerly. The way back was even more painful as I froze my ass for 4 hours on a heat-less shuttle all the way to back to bucharest.

I got 99 problems but a bitch aint one…. actually that’s kind of true. I wouldn’t classify it as a problem but a crossroad. I am here in romania keeping good company but sometimes I wonder where am I going with this. I enjoy the time I am spending in Romania and my friends are usually good ones, but something feels kinda odd. Not sure what it is, hope to find about it soon.

In other things, my apartment looks clean finally after almost a month of pure crapp all over the place.