Wild Weekend

So this weekend was wild, thats the only word I can find out to describe it. It was interesting to see a city for like 4 hours and then leave. Even more interesting my decision making process being so rapid after recieving demanding feedbacks.

So my weekend was more like this:
9pm – I switch my mind from going to a wedding in some far away land
9:15pm – Though about other options to do
9:30pm – Decided that iasi might be a good option
9:45pm – called my contact in iasi
10:00pm – got to the train station

by the time I got to iasi it was 6am and well I spend about 12 hours in that city before getting a message that my friend wont be able to meet me for the evening and decided to run to get the train back home.


Was she just checking me out?

Well tonight I went out and had a nice dinner in a place called ‘la mama’ (the mother). I had a great time bashing romania and finally talk with this business guy. It seems he is pretty cool and I wonder if we can ever got to talk face to face. I think he will help me out uncover the mystery of IT. He seems to appreciate me and I wonder how far can that go.

Talking about the dinner the new canadian/asian girl was really nice. She was cute too, too bad I didnt had my high-power cammera and just had the little cell phone. Anyway I will see her often now that she will be working with us.

the question here, is that if she was checking me out. Siting righ tnext to me she kinda gave some funny looks. Then she grab my arm and squeeze my tummy. I think she just wonder if I was fit enough which I think I failed miserably :).

I wonder how would we get along 🙂

From Amsterdam to Paris

Well I just got off the phone with my partner in Monterrey. Seem like he took matters into hand and instead of having me solve my plane situaton he just got one for me. This is really cool, and on the 28 I will be getting my ass to Paris and then Mexico City.

This is gonna be very cool, I really need to get a new memory stick. So I can get more pics with better quality 🙂

Girls, Mexico and Jazz

Wow just a few weeks to experience XpoLinux. In a few months I will be back to Mexico, so I hope everything works ok. It would be funny just be in Mexico for 4 days in a city I have never been before but also very familiar.

But before I get there I am still very well living the Romanian experience. With a wedding waiting for me on the weekend. So hope to take a lot of pictures during and after the wedding. After that I would come back to work for a few days to finally have everything set up for XpoLinux.

So far my stay in romania has been mixed, with many beautiful things and also some failed plans. However, I think things will get better after XpoLinux. Since I just feel very excited and maybe thats the reason for not completely focusing and enjoying my stance here.

Art, communism and east europe

Interesting the way art changes and I think change is great to keep moving forward. East europe is not a very good place for art. Like Mexico, art is has not direct money value so many people dont think is vluable.

For that same reason many young artist are usually facing a great deal of struggle getting exposure. So today we went to see some of this art galleries and found out that there is really a great value. For me, it showed a new window to talk about things that might not necesarily have with other people.

The first exhibition was aobut the intimacy of two female early life in a communist society where a lot of things happened. For better or worst communism marked a collection of experiences that many people in america didnt experience.

“”The problem wasn’t the money, but what to do with it. Since Romania was closed to themselves there weren’t many goods to buy with it.””

A closed economy is usually provides a set of resources that enforce the local industry but delays the culturalization of what happened on a major scale. For example, science sports and companies become strong within this enviorment. But that same strenght doesnt necesarily mean is strong on a global term and usually the whole society goes around their own country without acknoledging their neighbors.

Another gallery was interesting seen some pictures and sophisticate and stylish art. Urbanity at its finest it presented another side of the spectrum focusin solely on goods and things man make throught history. Cities being the greatest example of man-made things. The collection went across major cities in Europe and asia making it an intersting piece to show through photography.

Perception of Standards

I wonder whats the overal perceptions of standards. Living in a FLOSS bubble, everyone agree with standards and are proud advocates of what we call REAL standards as opposed to vendor-oriented standards.

We believe on XML, SVG, clean XHTML design with all the AAA certification, Section 508 and all that accesibility. However people on the other side of the spectrum might not think the same thing. I was always curious about it since most of the people I join actually agree with me.

I wonder if there is people out there that might disagree. I would like to hear about them.

Hello is Friday..

Another day at the Job, good things happened so far. My Opera’s e-mail account finally (and misteriously) worked this morning downloading all my OpenOffice.org email.

Today is friday and a lot of newsletter suddenly appeared on my corporate account. I guess I would be a newsletter reader.

Achievo, a tool we would start using it for task management looks cool and I guess it will actually make me uptimize my time. I wonder if people actually practice some form of Kaizen.

Going back to Mexico

So Romania is officially out of the summer. With 10C during the morning I guess we can expect a chilli winter all the way untill next year :S

Well meanwhile I will excape to Mexico to get some fresh warm weather. It would be interesting to talk with Louis Suarez again and also meet him at our own XpoLinux event.

I would meet John Maddog again and it would be cool to talk again with him after LinuxWorld Expo in new york in 2002. I can’t wait to be in Mexico again and get some flavour food.


OOoCon and Other things

So this blog has been quite quite lately. However OOoCon was a great event and two weeks after that, it still impress me the documentation and posts that have been generated in the OpenOffice.org community.

Away from that, work at interAKT has been on the rise. With lots of marketing material comming and a new ‘designer’ title imposed by the company I have been doing lots of drawing. I think is good but the patient that this position demand surpass by far my own supply.

However the next work that looks on the horizon is a lil’ bit more relaxing as also is more entertentainment. First, I wont deal with ‘clients’. Next, I will have more ownership of the project. Finally the outcome looks cool. The project is about multi-media tutorials about php-mysql and apache. On how to set them up succesfully and recording this on a RoboDemo application.

XpoLinux and Maddog

Wow XpoLinux is going strong this first week, we got in touch with SGI and decided to support us. Also Maddog is glad to give a conference as well as Louis Suarez Potts.

Thing is XpoLinux looks even better and we need also to start calling costumers. Well so far it’s been great.