InterAKT’s Party

Yesterday I went to InterAKT’s party and it was a great experience. It’s funny how romanians celebrate, jealousy and passionate stuff is also funny how similar and different at the same time is between culture. Sometimes it looked like a jr. high school flashback scene. Others it was more like a party up in some farm or village. Later I was told that many people are not urban and they are originally from rural areas.
The music like always was very odd as many folklore? music, and always a lot of gypsy-spanish songs all over the place and some manele. Back to reality, not much hip hop was around to actually make a good scene. Anyway I miss not having a girl since I couldn’t dance as much as I could.
Some good information was done with some of the people from upper-management. Which find out we have a similar PMI background.
Finally some good pictures from across the party:

Birthday People

Cute co-Worker

Cake Time