Live from XpoLinux

So XpoLinux started yesterday, it has been incredible so far. Lots of people show up… well more than we expected anyway. We hope tomorrow would be even more. The trade show has been great also. The best part was the chance to talk with John “Maddog” Hall, and many of the local geeks and hackers across Monterrey.

We think this would be a great event on the following years. Clearly XpoLinux is the new show in town and is here to stay. I can’t wait to see this event reach maturity rather fast.

There is a ToDo list of course and I think the experience we are getting is priceless. We are surely to visit Linux Tags as it would be a role model to reach on the next XpoLinux. We also realize that Wi-Fi is a most, we need to get the community more involved and also to reach our partners with far more time in advance.

We already achieved things that havent been achieved by other macro events on their first edition like LinuxWorld when it first came out and have companies that has absolutely nothing to do with not even Linux, but with Tech at all. We also didnt had Mocosoft on our event like other open source events.

We are going very strong with XpoLinux part 2 and we hope next year would double or quadruple across the board.