Gimp, Evolution and Gnome

I am facinated with the way gnome is evolving and is also on a funny I dont see myself switching to the GNOME desktop anytime soon. I think my XFCE does a really great job already, and no need to have a bulky solution. Well regarthless of that I am thinking about the new Evolution and the possibility an extension explosion. Nat vision of integrating the desktop is something that would become a trully killer app.

Gnome also has a new magazine which I wish it will benefit the community on major ways. I wouild say is more like an EZine, but the concept has been deteriorated so much. Es is in problems, we really need to help poor Richard Hold and I will make an effort to come with another try to get into the CVS and fixing the site myself. I think that we are loosing a lot of opportunity not supporting the community by collaborating.

So I came up with the idea of making satelite webistes, the response has been mixed. And I think the problem is because most people didnt got what I the overal concept is about. Something like happy browsing campaing might be great for OOo.