Can old dogs learn new tricks?

Well as a enthusiast is great to see the project moving into different directions and new answer arising even eariler than the proble consolidate. This is the case of the re-training of large amount of people. You just need a tool that can make your staff rapidly get the skils needed to use new tools.Thats when trainning solutions such as the one from spain actually make lots of sense. So I decided to be a part of it and actually play my part subscribing into this kind of courses and actually going through the excercises and tests.To my surprise this basic course actually had a lot of things that I have to be honest and recognize the ignorance I had on them. So can an old dog learn new tricks?Well it seems I can as also to my surprise I just barely passed the rather easy test. This is just a wake up call to actually recognize the eficiency of this course and not take it lightly. This will be an exciting course. The course is in spanish and you can find it here.